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Dopo un'indigestione di bagliori e dettagli "sparkling" per inaugurare questo 2013 in perfetto glam style, ricominciamo a buttare un occhio sullo streetwear in cui capi comfort e casual si mixano ad un tocco di femminilità in accessori e gioielli. Che si tratti di pull stampati o morbidi e lineari sweater, che si tratti di denim bootcut, baggy o ripped, un imperativo vigente e ricorrente rimarrà la combinazione vincente tra sporty e chic. Il denim, da sempre sinonimo di freschezza, si stampa, si straccia e rivela le sue due anime, grunge e hippy '70s, iconico, intramontabile e versatile, rielaborato in versione poptastic '80s e elegant '40s abbinato a maxi cappotti per un twist decisamente mannish o con soft cardigan per romantici look invernali. Colorato, irriverente e superfunny nelle rivisitazioni patchwork e irruente nei total look denim, perfetto con importanti e giocosi collier, armswag e minibag a stampa colorata. Eccone un piccolo elogio, alcune foto streetstyle per ispirare i nostri abbinamenti nelle giornate relaxing:

With Christmas behind us, perhaps now it's finally safe to banish thoughts of turkey sandwiches and start looking forward to an exciting new year.  Of course, the topic on everyone's lips will be that all-important new-year's resolution. Whether it's giving something up or just vowing to do things a little differently, it's basically about turning over a new leaf and maybe sweeping out a few cobwebs. With that in mind, it's probably safe to assume that mums and their increasingly fashion-conscious kids are thinking about clearing out wardrobes and preparing for the fresh new trends that 2013 will undoubtedly usher in.  The word on the street is that this year, the big names in fashion will be taking us back to the hippy ‘70s, the 'poptastic' ‘80s and the elegant ‘40s.  So in 2013 you can forget about the skinny jeans that have posed such a threat to our circulation for the past couple of years. Instead, here's a tip for all young mums whose brood are as eager to be seen wearing the latest styles as you: dress them in bootcut jeans!  

Denim is of equal importance to both boys and girls, but there are occasions when jeans just won't cut it for either. 'George' at Asda is covering all the bases by introducing some fabulously vibrant styles for the new-year while still providing a ready supply of gear that comes complete with an authentic urban vibe.  There's a way to go before our outfits start to reflect the rise in temperature, so it remains wise to wrap up the young'uns in appropriate winter attire.  For girls that could mean the latest in leggings to accompany a chic, long-line cardigan. Whereas for the boys, a textured hoodie that perfectly complements a pair of trendy camouflage trousers might be the ideal way to go. 'George' will accommodate the most discerning of young eyes while leaving them safe in the knowledge that they're not falling behind in the fashion stakes. Meanwhile, the extremely 'unfashionable' prices will perfectly suit just about every parent.

Che ne pensate di questa selezione?:) A presto darlings..

What do you think about this selection?See u soon darlings:)

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  31. Bellissimo post!! il jeans è un pò come il prezzemolo sta bene ovunque ;).
    La nostra versione preferita la Baggy!!!! comoda e grintosa sia con sneakers che tacchi.


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