MFW: Angelo Marani A/W 2014-15

Stampe pittoriche, geometrie e rifiniture a zip sono i motivi ricorrenti della sfilata Angelo Marani A/W 2014-15 a cui ho assistito come live reporter per DHL durante la prima giornata della fashion week milanese. Ho sempre apprezzato lo stile eclettico della Maison, e anche questa collezione lo ha decisamente riconfermato. 
Non semplici pantaloni o longuette dal taglio unicamente classico ma soprattutto spacchi audaci, asimmetrie e contorni a cerniera, usati per smorzare il tono elegante e rigoroso rendendolo intrigante e glam. 
Un vero mix di correnti artistiche europee su capi, completi e anche accessori tra cui le deliziose borse furry a fantasia e i preziosi gioielli statement. 
E ancora, floreale e animalier si fondono per creare combinazioni ultra colorate, seguiti da dettagli sparkling, frange e gli irresistibili guanti biker in pelle. Ecco alcune foto dei look che ho preferito, scattate durante il fashion show:

Painting prints, geometric patterns and zip are the recurring motifs seen at Angelo Marani A / W 2014-15 fashion show which I attended as a live reporter for DHL during the first day of Milan fashion week. I've always enjoyed the eclectic style of the Maison, and this collection has definitely confirmed. 
Not just classic pants or midi skirts but especially daring slits, asymmetries and side zippers, used to soften the tone of elegant and rigorous, making it intriguing and glamorous. 
A real mix of European artistic currents on garments and accessories including the delightful furry bags and precious statement jewels. 
And then, floral and animal fancies are combined to create ultra colorful mix, followed by sparkling details, fringes and irresistible leather biker gloves. Here are some photos of the looks I preferred taken during the runway time:

Che ne pensate? In attesa dei prossimi post sulla fashion week vi auguro uno splendido weekend darlings:)

What do you think? Waiting for other fashion week posts I wish you a wonderful weekend darlings:)

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  1. looks interesting, I'm excited for the fashion A/W 14 ;)

  2. Nice collection, I really like the patterns on oths , specially the first dress
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  4. amazinggggg collection!

  5. Bellissima collezione Sabry e che belle foto hai fatto! Un bacio Lucy

  6. Great collection!


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  7. What a fantastic collection, the craftmanship is incredible! Thanks for sharing.


  8. An absolutely stunning collection..


  9. WHOA i gotta see the whole collection!

  10. What a fantastic collection, the craftmanship is incredible! Thanks for sharing.

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