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Palme, cibo salutare, sole e look comfy-chic sono stati gli ingredienti di un pomeriggio all’insegna di relax e alcuni scatti prima di partecipare all’evento Diffusione Tessile di cui vi ho parlato a questo link
Non potevano mancare nell’outfit un crop top strutturato a stampa funky, il capo must have 2014 a cui non posso più rinunciare, abbinato ad un morbido e ultra fresco pantalone palazzo in seta e cotone. Last but not least, per aggiungere un tocco stylish ecco i nuovi sunnies Eye-Love a specchio dalla montatura retrò ad effetto cracked:

Palm trees, healthy food, sun and a comfy-chic needed look were the ingredients for an afternoon of relaxation and some shots before taking part at Diffusione Tessile event which I spoke about here. Into the total outfit I couldn’t neglect a structured crop top with a funky print, the must have item for 2014 combined with a soft and ultra fresh pants in silk and cotton. 
 Last but not least, to add a stylish touch here are the new Eye-Love sunnies with reflective lenses and cracked frame:


crop top, pants: Zara;
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs;
sunglasses: EyeLove 

Che ne pensate? Con questi scatti vi auguro una bellissima giornata, a presto con un nuovo outfit e qualche news:) Stay tuned..

What do you think? I wish you all a wonderful day and stay tuned..soon news and new outfits:)

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  1. Belleeeeeee!!! Finalmente, ero curiosa di vedere come erano venute. Bellissima luce! Lucy www.tpinkcarpet.com

  2. davvero un bellissimo look!

  3. tesoro questo top crop è stupendo!!! stai benissimo!

  4. Hey dear, it's been a while since my last visit here and I can out loud say I missed you posts.
    Great post and outfit :)

    I've opened a new website, come and check it whenever you have time


    Wish you a lovely day
    xoxo Kiki

    1. hi dear:) I'm glad to hear this from u, see you next time!:)

  5. Such a fun look, I love the crop top paired with the looser fit pants!